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Fredo Viola – The Turn

Label: Because Music – BEC5772438

Format: CD, Album DVD, Album

Pays: France

Sortie: 16 mars 2009

Genre: Rock, Pop

Style: Art Rock


CD-1 The Turn (A Pagan Lament)5:25
CD-2 The Sad Song3:50
CD-3 Friendship Is...2:38
CD-4 Red States4:17
CD-5 The Original Man2:48
CD-6 Risa2:39
CD-7 Robinson Crusoe4:34
CD-8 K Thru 63:31
CD-9 Moon After Berceuse2:33
CD-10 Puss3:30
CD-11 Death Of A Son4:48
CD-12 Umbrellas4:53
DVD-1 The Sad Song
DVD-2 The Turn
DVD-3 Silent Night

Featuring – Nils Christian Fossdal

DVD-4 Moon After Berceuse

Featuring – Ike Sturm

DVD-5 The Turn (Ghost Cluster)
DVD-6 Test Of Friendship (Home)
DVD-7 Puss (Red)
DVD-8 Moon After Berceuse (Hall)

Fredo Viola - The turn

SKU : 5060107724389
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