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Franck Carducci ‎– Oddity

Label: (Franck Carducci Self-released) ‎

Format: CD, Album, Stereo

Country: France

Sortie: May 2011

Genre: Rock

Style: Prog Rock, Art Rock


1.1I. Troy 
1.2II. Achilles To Patroclus 
1.3III. Achilles To Hector 
1.4IV. Achilles To Priam 
1.5V. Achilles To Thetis 
1.6VI. Crossing The River Styx 
2The Quind9:23
3The Eyes Of Age4:30
 Alice's Eerie Dream(11:50)
4.1I. Searching For Alice 
4.2II. A Mad Tea-Party From 7 To 11 
4.3III. Across The Looking-Glass11:50
 The Last Oddity(10:17)
5.1I. Lost In Space 
5.2II. Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite10:17
6The Carpet Crawlers6:06
7Alices Eerie Dream (Radio Edit)3:59


Article : VOC2257

Code Barre : 3760061142572

Franck Carducci ‎– Oddity

SKU : 202404-3760061142572-CDN
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